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Infos about operating systems like Windows, Max OS-X and Linux.

Here you will find detailed information about computer operatings systems like Windows, Max OS-X and Linux.

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Mac OS

Fonts in Mac OS 8, 9 or OS X “Classic”

Font Formats

The Mac operating systems Mac OS 8, 9 or OS X “Classic” support TrueType fonts in Mac format.

Because Mac PostScript Type-1 fonts consist of a “font suitcase” (containing bitmaps) and an outline font, they can be installed and used without Adobe Type Manager. ATM is nessecary for rasterizing of point sizes where no suitable bitmap is available.

Font Installation

If you are using ATM Light without an utility for the font management (i.e. ATM Deluxe), install the fonts as follows:

1. Close all active applications.

2. Open the folder on your harddisk which contains the fonts.

3. Install the fonts in “system folder:fonts” by moving or copying all files into that folder.
(PostScript Type-1 fonts consist of outline files as well as a font suitcase. A family of outline fonts often shares the same font suitcase. OpenType .otf fonts consist of only one font file an do not need a font suitcase.)

NOTE: Do not move a whole folder with fonts into “system folder:fonts”. Mac OS 9 can only read font files, which are directly residing in “system folder:fonts”; it cannot read font files in subfolders.

4. Now the fonts are installed and show up in the font menu of your application. OpenType Fonts installed in the Mac OS X Classic environment show up in the corresponding font menus of native and “Carbon” applications.