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The Unviversal Font Converter!

TransType can convert fonts between Mac and Windows, and between all major font formats: PostScript and TrueType. TransType supports batch conversion so users can convert hundreds of fonts at a time, even directly from Stuffit (.sit) archives. With TransType Pro, you can convert your fonts into the new universal OpenType format with Unicode encoding to make them compatible with the newest versions of Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office and Apple iWork. TransType Pro even automatically adds some OpenType typographic features such as ligatures or fractions!

TransType addresses common font problems. Font conversion may help repair corrupt fonts that are rejected by the system or cause problems in printing. Owners of Multiple Master fonts can use TransType to convert them into normal OpenType, Type 1 or TrueType fonts and use them in any application. Font designers who use TypeTool, ScanFont or other font editors can use TransType Pro to create professional-quality OpenType fonts. The Pro edition includes Python scripting support.


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Demoversion TransType Pro 3.0 Windows in Array
Demoversion TransType Pro 3.0 Mac OS, OS X in Array
Manual of TransType Pro 3.0 Windows in Array
Manual of TransType Pro 3.0 Mac OS, OS X in Array


Article-No. Name Version Operating Systems Languages £ $  
SO001043 TransType Pro 3.1 Upgrade 1.x, 2.x *** Mac OS, OS X
Array $97.20

SO001038 TransType Pro 3.0 Windows
Array $200.40

SO001039 TransType Pro 3.0 Mac OS, OS X
Array $200.40

SO001041 TransType Pro 3.0 Upgrade 1.x, 2.x *** Windows
Array $97.20

*** For upgrade orders we need your previous serial or product number. While ordering please enter the number in the field „Note for the shipping team“.