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Outline Pixel Font Creator!

Macromedia Flash uses TrueType fonts, but in smaller sizes, these fonts can look fuzzy.
Text rendered with default anti-aliasing in FlashText rendered with a pixel font made from the same font as above using FontFlasher

FontFlasher converts almost any format font into a pixel fonts crisp outline fonts that simulate bitmaps. This improves legibility of screen text in small font sizes.

You just need 6 easy steps to generate the pixel outline font:

Step 1.First select a font to convert to a pixel font.
Step 2.

Choose the pixel size for your font.

Step 3.Select a codepage for your font or Unicode to convert all characters (requires Windows XP).
Step 4.Save your font in FontLab format (.vfb).
Step 5.Use the Pixel tool in FontLab to edit your glyphs (requires installed Python interpreter).
Step 6.Generate your TrueType font in FontLab, and you're done!

Note: FontFlasher requires FontLab or TypeTool to generate font in TrueType or Type 1 format, Flash is a trademark of Macromedia Inc.

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Edit Pixel with FontLab
Demoversion FontFlasher 1.0 Windows in Array
Demoversion FontFlasher 1.0 Mac OS, OS X in Array
Manual of FontFlasher 1.0 Windows in Array
Manual of FontFlasher 1.0 Mac OS, OS X in Array

Article-No. Name Version Operating Systems Languages $
SO001049 FontFlasher 1.0 Windows
Array $31.20

SO001050 FontFlasher 1.0 Mac OS, OS X
Array $31.20