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Encyclopedia of digital Type (fonts)!

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The Professional Bitmap Font Editor!

BitFonter is a professional bitmap font editor for Mac OS. It allows creative professionals, web designers and manufacturers of electronic devices to create and modify monochrome, grayscale or full-color bitmap fonts that can be used in print publications, web pages, animations, computer games and electronic devices. Convert them between formats – even vector formats like Type 1. Design, edit or color bitmap fonts and apply special effects. Embed your bitmap fonts into TrueType or OpenType fonts with the help of FontLab.


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Demoversion BitFonter 3.0 Windows in Array
Demoversion BitFonter 3.0 OS X in Array
Manual of BitFonter 3.0 Windows in Array
Manual of BitFonter 3.0 OS X in Array


Article-No. Name Version Operating Systems Languages £ $  
SO001102 BitFonter 3.0 Windows
Array 466,00 €

SO001101 BitFonter 3.0 OS X
Array 466,00 €

SO001104 BitFonter 3.0 Academic ** Windows
Array 294,00 €

SO001122 BitFonter 3.0 Academic ** OS X
Array 294,00 €

SO001106 BitFonter 3.0 Education * Windows
Array 163,00 €

SO001107 BitFonter 3.0 Education * OS X
Array 163,00 €

SO001121 BitFonter 3.0 Upgrade 2 *** OS X
Array 104,00 €

* Education licenses are only for educational institutes and the minumum amount of licenses to buy is 8.

** Academic licenses are only for educational institutes and their members.

*** For upgrade orders we need your previous serial or product number. While ordering please enter the number in the field „Note for the shipping team“.